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07 July 2014 | by Gabor Chodkowski-Gyurics

CO2 emission allowances rising in price

CO2 emission allowances rising in price
In June, the prices of EU emission allowances have risen for 12,8%. According to the Consus Brokerage House, it marks the first time when prices of Certified Emission Reductions went up on a monthly basis since january.

Over 6,3 mln emission allowances were sold during the month, 36,9 mln of which were sold on the primary market. Nearly all of them concerned CO2 emissions. Their prices oscillated between 5,15 - 5,81 euro.

“The rise of EUA allowance’s worth was caused by information pointing to the possibility of earlier implementation of ETS reform. In the last weeks six ministers of environment and energy in the EU spoke for introducing stability reserve mechanism in the current settlement period. Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Great Britain want to introduce new rules for allowance supply creation in 2017, that is four years earlier than had been envisioned”, said Wojciech Hofman, broker in Consus BH. The legislative process for the proposal might start as soon as the end of the current year.

The future of early ETS reform talks, crucial to the future of EUA prices, is somewhat hard to predict currently, with new tenure of European Parliament and its environmental and industry commissions. It is expected that the issue will clear up by october.

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