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19 September 2014 | by Gabor Chodkowski-Gyurics

Polish NGO claims local governments will misuse EU green funding

Polish NGO claims local governments will misuse EU green funding
Poland’s regional governments are unlikely to make a good use of the EU funds for development of renewable energy and environmental protection projects, according to an analysis prepared by the Polish Green Network (PGN), an alliance of several environmental and NGOs. The NGOs claim that prioritized are non-ambitious projects that are however easy to capitalize on politically.

According to PGN, in 2014-2020, Polish provinces will be provided with €1.5 billion on average to support renewable energy and energy efficiency programs, only a fraction of these funds will benefit communities directly. The report states that only six Polish provinces (out of 16) plan to support prosumer energy and only seven provinces will support development of community energy projects.

Lublin province bird protection programme, carried out in 2007-2013, was presented as an example of misusing the funds that is likely to repeat in 2014-2020. According to PGN, the programme amounted to simply renovating forest roads.

The analysis of Regional Operational Programmes (vehicles through which the funding is disbursed) for years 2014-2020 focused on renewable energy, environment protection and combating effects of climate change, such as floods and droughts.


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