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23 September 2014 | by Gabor Chodkowski-Gyurics

UN climate summit gets underway in NY

UN climate summit gets underway in NY
In yet another attempt to mobilize global political will for greater action and ambition to stop climate change, the UN Secretary-General is hosting a UN Climate Summit in New York. The summit intends to help pave way for an ambitious global agreement on global change that will limit the rise of global temperature to no more than 2 degress Celsius. The agreement is expected to be inked during next year’s UN’s climate change conference in Paris.

The summit will discuss influence of agriculture, industry and urban areas on climate change, sustainable energy development, increasing energy efficiency of transportation systems, financing climate change action, tackling deforestation and other harmful effects of global warming.

The summit was preceded last Sunday by People’s Climate march in New York City, which gathered between 310,000 and 400,000 attendants.

Nevertheless, the impact of the event is questionable as several important leaders are not attending, for example leaders of, respectively, the world’s biggest and third biggest CO2 emitters, China’s president Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Leaders of Russia, Australia and Canada - countries noted for their carbon emissions and general skepticism for climate change action - are not attending, either.


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