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09 January 2015 | by Gabor Chodkowski-Gyurics

Germany and Denmark break renewable energy records

Germany and Denmark break renewable energy records
According to German think-tank Agora Energiewende, which proposes a radical conversion of the German energy mix so that it is dominated by renewable energy, renewables made for 25.8 percent of energy production in Germany in 2014. This marks a 2 percent increase against 2013.

If considered a single category, renewables thus became the biggest energy source in Germany. German renewables still have a long way to go, as combined hard coal and lignite plants account for 51 percent of country’s energy mix.

German transition towards renewables was far from smooth as well, leading to an increase in brown coal use, following closely at 25.6 percent.

In the same year, Denmark reached 39.1 percent wind power use in its energy mix, breaking a world record. Denmark doubled its wind power production during the last 10 years, and hopes for renewable energy to cover 50 percent of its energy demand by 2020.

Meanwhile, recent WWF report claimed that by 2030 Scotland could rely entirely on renewable sources for its energy needs. The country currently has 7.1 GW renewable energy production capacity, with infrastructure for further 6.2 GW in advanced stage of construction.


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