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09 January 2015 | by Gabor Chodkowski-Gyurics

EUAs at highest level since October 2012, Consus says

EUAs at highest level since October 2012, Consus says
Price of EU emission allowances (EUAs) fluctuated between €6.55-7.30 in December and at its peak was at the highest level since October 2012, Polish brokerage house Consus noted on January 8.

Consus said that the results of the United Nations’ December climate change conference in Lima was a major factor driving the prices up, as they surged after the conference decided that countries - both developed and developing - set their emissions reduction plans in 2015.

Last session in 2014 put EUA price at 2.7 percent higher against month previous, Consus said.
Prices could go even higher early in 2015, once the the structural reform of the EU’s Emissions Trading System (ETS) kicks in, in particular the establishment of so-called market stability reserve (MSR), or a mechanism to reduce surplus allowances in the ETS in order to drive prices further up.
The MSR concept will enter key phase of various votes in the EU this year, starting with the January 21 vote in the European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy committee.


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